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Paver Cleaning, Sealing  & Repair             

Paver Clean and Seal, LLC offers concrete paver and brick paver cleaning and sealing services for those who want to keep their patios, pool decks, driveways, walkway areas, or other hardscape areas pristine and welcoming. We can restore your pavers, help with sinking pavers or other hardscapes such as travertine, stamped concrete, natural stone and other surfaces for any project size. Sealing is ideal for new surfaces to ensure they stay looking good for years to come. Patios, walkways, entrances, driveways, you name it, we’ll keep it looking great for years and years to come.  Most services are able to be done in 24-48 hours.

We also specialize in cleaning and restoring retaining walls. We can seal them to restore the color and beauty that may have faded over the years. Proper cleaning and sealing is more than simply a pressure washer.

Why Clean and Seal Pavers:

  • Paver sealing helps protect the surface from spills such as oil, food, tree droppings, etc. When these do occur it helps make clean up much easier.
  • Paver cleaning and sealing helps lock out efflorescence (the white substance that comes up out of a paver).
  • Paver sealing will help lock in the joint sand and prevent the sand from migrating out into your pool, yard, etc. It also helps lock the pavers into joint and stay there.
  • Paver sealing helps prevent new paver installations from fading.
  • Paver sealing can restore old pavers and bring their color back to life.
  • Paver sealing helps prevent tire tracks.
Seal N' Lock

We are a Seal N Lock certified firm. Seal N Lock is the recognized leader in the manufacturing of hardscapes cleaner and sealers.

Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute

We are an ICPI member. ICPI is the recognized leader in the education and application of paver stones.

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Restored Retaining Walls

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