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Pavers, flagstone, travertine, brick sealed incorrectly can be not just ugly but be expensive to fix. It takes experience to know what sealers are compatible. If done incorrectly, it can cost 2x as much to fix and get back to looking good than just having it done correctly the first time.

Comparing companies?

These pictures (before & after) show sealer done incorrectly and thus leaving a white, milky haze. This can also occur with polymeric sand watered in incorrect too.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS! Nobody else in metro Atlanta has close to the same experience and over 1000 happy customers. You invested too much into your pavers, stone hardscapes to have it done wrong. Don’t let your pool deck, patio, driveway, walkways become an eye sore.


"THANK YOU! Thank you for your great customer service! You went above and beyond to get this job completed. You helped in ways most companies would have given up and walked away from. Customer service in my mind is one of the most important attributes to a company and you and your crew have nailed that. I appreciate your patience with us and talking us through your professional opinion to our job. We look forward to working with you in the future and will defiantly pass your company onto family, neighbors and friends." Melissa K. (Milton, GA)